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ecoMachinesV2: ecoMachinesJuly 1, 2009

eco-machines v2.0 – urban playgrounds Oxford Street – end of the year show of the AA INTER10 08/09
When the matter of architecture is released from the essentialist conception that considers it a formless entity to be regulated by transcendental rules, it suddenly acquires potential of interaction with the surrounding environment and becomes generative. In this state it provides behavioural models for dealing with the complex feedbacks that occur between multiple (and often contrasting) forces, like the ones operating in urban contexts
INTER10 this year has bred these models in Oxford Street by developing site specific architectural “mechanisms” operating as playgrounds, i.e. public architectures characterised by an increased capacity of communication, negotiation and co-action with contingent urban systems. The ambition has been to trigger new emergent urban dynamics able to increase the cultural, social and environmental “bio-diversity” of this London’s key public hub
The new population of ecoMachines comprises 14 prototypes of playgrounds divided in 3 categories: playgrounds for cultural recycling, playgrounds for microclimatic amplification and playgrounds for the manipulation of metabolic energy.Among them, the “collision rendition” machine transforms potential pedestrian collisions into opportunities for playful social interaction, the “h2o-n-dis-play” machine condenses the metabolic heat of existing buildings into experiential public microclimates, the “re-fashion Oxford St.” machine turns public space into a cybernetic atelier of open source interactive fashion, the “wind-skin” exploits wind turbulence in front of the Center Point to harvest energy and promote urban surfing while the “W.I.S.ivy” woven inflatable screen machine functions as an analogue 3D screen for wireless mobile graffiti.
During the academic year the unit also promoted other cultural activities and 1:1 scale experiments such the AABAR tropic.playground interactive installation, based on bio-mimetic studies of tropic behaviours in carnivorous plants and on their translation into a set of novel furniture systems, the BIACS3 ecoMachines symposium in Seville and the Architectural Machines Symposium held at the AA during term2.

Unit Staff:
Claudia Pasquero
Marco Poletto

Evgenia Andersson
Uliana Patina
Neil Philip Grant
Dezhi HoJoel
Yu Won Kang
Sofoklis Goulielmos Koutsourelis
Elisha nathoo
Nora Nordgard Schjelderup Nilsen
Jessica Pappalardo
Perrine Jeannine Jacqueline Planche’
Stefania Triantafyllou
Kassymkhan Ulykbanov
Mun Khwan Yit
Seung Hyun Yuh

Workshops Consultant:
Armand Terruli (Vector-Foiltec)
PierAndrea Angius
Giorgio Jeronimidis
Dr. Eyal Nir

Visiting Critics:
Theodore Spyropoulos,Micheal Weinstock,Alex Haw,Emmanouil Zaroukas,Susannah Hagan,Jorge Godoy,Ivan Valdez,Chris Pierce,Marianne Muller,Antonino Saggio,Nataniele Kolbe,Stefano Rabolli Panzera,Peter Ferretto,Julian Gitsham ,Renee Puseep,Onur Ozkaya,Omid Kamvari,Yiota Goutsou,Lucy Bullivant,Gennaro Senatore,Marco Guarnieri,Marco Vanucci,Laszlo Feczke,Lea Katzeli,Kate Davies,Yacira Blanco,Francisco Gonzalez de Canales,Carol Mancke,

INTER10_01: Sofoklis Goulielmos Koutsourelis
The “W.I.S.ivy” woven inflatable screen machine is a prototype for an interactive facade system to be tested on the front elevation of the Centre Point. The playground behaviour emerges as a negotiation between solar screening and analogue displaying of wireless mobile graffiti.

INTER10_02: Perrine Jeannine Jacqueline Planche’
The “Star*ucked” is an architectural coffee machine proposing an evolutionary re-interpretation and re-design of StarBucks cafeterias in Oxford Street.

INTER10_03: Dezhi Ho Joel
The “tRunScape” negotiates pedestrian jaywalking and vehicular traffic flow along Oxford Street by mean of a responsive artificial landscape, actuated by a branching network of biologically inspired pneumatic cells. The thick surface adapts and evolves its dynamic behaviour in real-time.

INTER10_04: Kassymkhan Ulykbanov
“Urban de-Scalator” proposes the conversion of the metabolic energy of the commuters of the London Underground into an incubating mechanism of a new artificial underground ecosystem.
Neil Philip Grant
“re-fashion Oxford Street” is an architectural device able to map the customers’ patterns of physical interaction and to convert them into 3Dprinted garments.

INTER10_05: All Unit – AABAR_tropic.playground
INTER10 has experimented with sunflower, cress and Venus fly trap to extract observations on: structural/ kinetic systems [cells’ organization to achieve tropic growth, structural resistance and environmental responsiveness], cybernetic response [feedback loops of information, matter and energy between plant and environment] and molecular/material structure [plants as constrained, multilayered pneumatic systems]. These observations has led to the formulation of 3 organizational logics and related 1:1 scale material systems. The exhibition has deployed these 3 machinic models to generate direct playful interaction, transforming the AA BAR into a “tropic.playground”.

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