ecoLogicStudio at aast|advanced architecture settimo tokyo
April 7, 2009
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HORTUS.PARIS the machinic harvest
March 28, 2013

Tags: Algae, Paris, Hortus
Fabrication Ecologies term 2
March 27, 2013

Tags: Barcelona, Iaac, Digital tectonics, Fabrication ecologies,
March 22, 2013

Tags: Farming, Tunis, Ud, Ucl, London, Energy
Fabrication Ecologies
March 21, 2013

Tags: , Barcelona, Iaac, Digital tectonics, Fabrication ecologies
IAAC website
IAAC blog
AA Italy | Milan Visiting School
July 7, 2012

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cyberGARDENS website
cyberGARDENS page on fb
Smart Geometry-Cyber Garden Cluster
January 28, 2011
SG2011 Cluster:Cyber Gardens
[WS2] RESPONSIVE SKINS - Grasshopper Advanced Design workshop with ecoLogicStudio
March 4, 2010

Tags: Parametric, Facades, Responsive, Rhinoceros, Workshop, Grasshopper, Pachube
Responsive Skins Brief
Rhino Training List
[W+L] Internship Programme
February 1, 2010

Tags: Ecology, Design, Parametric, Learning, Internship
[W+L] Internship Programme BRIEF
ecoLogicStudio at DREAMING MILANO|Projects,Dreams and Visions for a Changing City
April 24, 2009
ecoLogicStudio at 'Sustainability for Building Renovation and Restoration' International Conference
April 16, 2009
'Sustainability for Building Renovation and Restoration' International Conference
ecoLogicStudio and AAInter10 present lunchtime talk on ecoMachines at the Sensable City Laboratory, MIT
March 31, 2009
AA Inter 10 [Eco-machines V 2.0]
ecoLogicStudio talk @ Stockholm Architetcural Foundation
March 16, 2009
ecoLogicStudio presents projects at Collapse(s) 3 days conference @ the IED in Barcelona
March 11, 2009
Istituto Europeo Di Design
Eco Build Symposium at the AA : Eco Build – Sustainable Culture and Pedagogy
March 6, 2009
AA Architectural Machines
February 20, 2009
AA Architectural Machines
AJ Smal Project Award
February 4, 2009
ecoLogicStudio talk @ the IAAC in Barcelona
December 12, 2008
Week-long December ecoMachinic Parade in Seville and Barcelona by AA Inter10 and ecoLogicStudio with CAAC Seville.
December 9, 2008
Work by ecoLogicStudio featured in 'HATCH: the new architectural generation' by Kieran Long
November 25, 2008
Interscalar Istanbul
November 13, 2008
STEMcloud on DOMUS
October 29, 2008
YOUniverse - Sevillie Biennale
October 2, 2008

Tags: Installation
Venice Biennale 2008
September 10, 2008

Tags: Installation
Out There: Architecture Beyond Building
RiverSideWalk Experiment
June 27, 2008

Tags: Installation
AAInter10 ecoMachines
"ecoMachines" Athens
May 30, 2008

Tags: Lecture
Prototypical Shelter
May 28, 2008

Tags: Round table
Stragegy&Research Institue Linz
Fibrous Room
January 5, 2008

Tags: Installation
Light Wall by ecoLogicStudio (Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto AAInter10 tutor) shortlisted for AJ Small Projects Awards 2009